Datax started off in 1984 as a computer consultancy and training company... the very first on the Island.  In 1986 Datax Computer Centre came into being - again one of the very first - as a high street shop selling the then ultra new and emerging information technology.
Datax has always been proud of being a 'first to market' operation.  Hence Malta was introduced to the very first mass market PC Systems by the then World renown AMSTRAD from UK.  Again from UK Datax introduced to the market the one of the then best systems in the World and manufactured by MITAC - a Taiwanese company with a manufacturing base in Telford, UK.  From the same stable Datax started marketing the World's first laptop computers (so called because they were so heavy you had to put them on your lap.  These are now more accurately called Notebooks even if the term laptops persists).
These were again from the Mitac brand.  A further landmark was the introduction tot he market of the firsst ever cd-rom drive = a top loader external single sped unit from Philips.
Today Datax registered another first in making available the all new ALL in ONE PC system incorporating a screen (usually with touch capability) with just a wireless keyboard and mouse.  This provides a super clean desktop devoid of clutter and cables.  Again we are proud to have forseen the future and were the first to make available these systems to the mass market.

Datax builds PCs from the ground up and although we do provide branded models (HP, Dell, Lenovo) we are still able to build highly specific models  - even for the most demanding PC gamer with all the latest Graphics card, processors and suitable Power Supplies with all items complementing each other to make up a truly gamer's dream machine.

Recognised as the leading name in the information technology, Datax also supplies and supports a large and prestigious user base on the Island and has also awarded an 'approved supplier status' by the Government of Malta.  this way back since 1995.

Today we are able to supply and support ALL brands and makes of IT equipment.

We provide an excellent after sales service that is second to none.  And proud of it.  We have no quibble guarantees and have been recommended in the past by the Customer Service column of the Times of Malta for our unparalled and honest approach to meeting clients demands.

This is our commitment. This is our goal.  These are our beliefs.  We are here to help.

The company continues to enjoy steady growth with an underlying mission statement of 'providing the best cost effective I.T. solutions to our customers'.

We see the future today and we are here to help implement it before anyone else...